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Loving Couple

A couple is a unit composed of unique individuals, each of whom possesses their own personal strengths and challenges.  Coming together as a couple can present with its own issues.  Couples counselling is an excellent approach to supporting each individual within the whole couple itself.


Whether a couple is facing difficult changes or loss, is trying to manage challenging issues that one of its members is struggling with, or they want to strengthen their communication skills, Stephanie can work with the couple to address their needs.  With a strong background in child and youth counselling, Stephanie is able to support a couple with or without children, as they transition through periods of development and change that come with ageing and growth.

Tidalstone Counselling Services understands that there is strength in having a supportive team, and working with couples so that they are better able to support each other individually, as well as within the relationship, brings with it many potential benefits.


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