Shy Child

With over forty years of experience working with children, Matt and Stephanie have a special focus in the area of child counselling. Using a variety of child-centred counselling modalities, such as play, movement and art making, Stephanie and Matt work with children in ways that are comfortable and safe for the child, allowing deeper levels of expression and communication to come through. Social-emotional learning, as well as supporting children struggling with loss, change and anxiousness, are some of their areas of focus.
Tidalstone Counselling accepts clients from pre-school age onward.


Please Note: In instances where parents are separated or divorced and there is joint custody, we require written consent for counselling from both parents with legal custody. If one parent has sole custody, that parent must consent to counselling. In instances where another party has the legal authority to take decisions around the child's healthcare, we require written consent from that party.